Morris Dirks

Morris founded SoulFormation in 2006 as a ministry focused on the spiritual and emotional health of Christian leaders.  He works as a spiritual director, coach, retreat facilitator and conference speaker.  Under his leadership SoulFormation has forged an Academy of Spiritual Formation and a School of Spiritual Direction fostering transformational influence in the lives of hundreds of leaders.  He is an inspirational communicator and has spoken at events across the United States and numerous countries.  Morris inspires change that focuses on soul-care in a world that often crushes spiritual and emotional health.  He knows the highs and lows of leadership and the need for practices that lead to sustainable, long-term flourishing.  Prior to founding SoulFormation Morris spent 10 years in youth ministry followed by two lead pastorates over 18 years — one in Salem, OR and the other in Seattle, WA.  His doctorate is in Leadership and Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary (formerly George Fox Seminary) and he is the author of Forming the Leader’s Soul: An Invitation to Spiritual Direction.  Morris is married to Ruth who has a private practice as a therapist.  They live in Portland, OR and have two married sons and four grandchildren.  

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